Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Zoo, Magnolia Smokestack, Rats & CHP Kegging

Good Afternoon ladies & Gentlemen,
So after my Christmas & New Year’s trip to Utah, Izzy & I returned to the Bay Area… and as luck would have it, we had a few days off from work and/or school. What did we do? Well, first off we slept like 12 hours once we got home… but that should go without saying. Then what?
Well, Friday January 2nd we started off the day… by going to the San Francisco Zoo and renewing Izzy’s annual membership… and of course check out the Lego exhibit & some of our favorites…

Then we headed over to Magnolia Brewing’s new Smokestack location in the Dogpatch to get a real try of the facilities. See, when we went for the SFGH Annual Brewery Tour last month, we felt like this one was incredibly rushed & we didn’t get time to sample more than one beer or even a niblet of food, so we checked it out. The beer is great, as most people know. The food however… not the best. It’s essentially barbecue that you can order by the pound, which sounds like it would be the perfect setup for a carnivore like myself. Honestly though, some of the barbecue was borderline horrible… and when they’re charging something like $15-20 per pound, it’d better be some f**king delicious barbecue. The sides were okay… but it’s hard to f**k up mac & cheese or beans and rice. So my suggestion, stop on by for beer… but don’t expect to fill up on food there as unless you’re dropping a C-note, it won’t fill you up & it probably won’t be worth it. It’s a nice looking location though… and maybe it was just a bad day for meat… but that’s what my experience was.

Afterwards, we headed over to Petco because… my ladyfriend missed having pet rats. She grew up with them most of her life… and she hadn’t had them for a few years… and because she tortures herself by signing up a bunch of cute pet Instagram feeds, she sees their hideously cute faces throughout the day… so we went & got her two rats to take care of… meet Fajita & Tamale… I’m not sure which one is which… they’re adorable rats named after Mexican food…

Saturday was a day of rest… and then on Sunday, January 4th we kegged our Chocolate Hazelnut Porter… so now we have full kegs of CHP as well as our Beet Pale Ale… here are a few pictures…

Anyway, that’s just a quick sum-up of two weekends ago as I’m doing a bit of catch-up thus far in 2015… but don’t worry, last weekend’s awesome activities should be up shortly as well… and it involves some old friends, beer, and a beautiful & historic walk. Have a great day everybody!!!

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