Thursday, April 24, 2014

Patience is a Virtue

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Sorry… experiencing technical difficulties with my laptop & it’s on a mystical worldwide journey (as is my PS3) so loading my recent adventures will be delayed shortly. However, here’s a sneak preview at some of the things that’ve already happened since last entry & probably in the time it takes for my laptop to return in a week or so:

• Homebrew Tastings of our Honey Amber & Oktoberfest

• Baby Update – My car, not an actual baby

• New Homebrew – ChocoNut Stout

• Brew Day at Elevation 66

• SF Homebrewers Guild Leadership Meeting

• Reviews for AT LEAST three GUY Movies (and others)


• Special tasting at Southern Pacific Brewing

• Special movie screening

• Giants game at AT&T Park

• Visit from Chick’n’Wing

• Special Brew Day & Growler Fill at Motobrewer

• Turning an Oak Barrel into Pots for Hops

• Special Brew Day with Izzy’s Aunts (their first time)

Hopefully by next weekend the laptop will be back… but yeah, obviously really busy. Have a wonderful week everybody!!!

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