Friday, April 8, 2016

Vote for the Blank

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
This past weekend, Izzy & I watched “Horror Hotel” which is an early 60’s horror flick starring a young Christopher Lee. Izzy has this movie as part of a Halloween collection pack that she got a few years back… and apparently it was also called “The City of the Dead”… but it’s about a young coed named Nan who goes to research witchcraft in a New England town called Whitewood that her professor (Lee) recommends… so a lot like Blair Witch Project but 40 years earlier. She checks into this hotel called the Raven’s Inn… and then from there, people start disappearing… things start happening… and she uncovers a coven of witches practicing some evil sh*t! Now, the movie sounds pretty standard nowadays… but honestly, it’s pretty well done. The effects are good for the time, the story is pretty on point for the genre, and Christopher Lee and the other actors are pretty good. We would highly recommend checking this out… and it’s streaming on Amazon and probably other services, so yeah, it’ll only cost you like 78 minutes of your life… and well worth it.
Also up now… after some technical difficulties… is our “Day of the Dolphin” episode of the podcast… as well as poll that you can fill out for the next episode featuring some of the greatest action movies of the 1990’s. What movies, you ask?
·         “The Mummy” featuring Brendan Fraser
·         “The Phantom” featuring Billy Zane
·         “The Punisher” featuring Thomas Jane (or Dolph Lundgren?)
·         “The Saint” featuring Val Kilmer

Yes, classics all!!! Most importantly though… all four are currently streaming on Netflix so you can watch & play along! We may even try to set up a Live Tweeting party at #eilfmovies when we watch it. Need more details? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & subscribe at for the latest information… since I’m pretty sketchy on updating this blog. Trust me, it’s just better for all of us that way. Have a great day everybody!!!

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