Monday, September 21, 2015

NCHF 2015

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
So Thursday… I was not feeling well… like at all. However, I still went to work. I figured it was just my body telling me I’m old or some sh*t and it’d be over in less than a day as it usually happens. Well… it didn’t… and by Friday morning, I could barely move out of bed… but was thankfully able to as getting to my bathroom in tame saved a LOT of towels & blankets from being forever stained. Too much information? Sorry… but just giving you the background… as I called in sick on Friday. However, there was one really important decision to be made as well… Northern California Homebrewers Festival!!! I had been waiting for this homebrew beer camp weekend since we went last year… and I’ll be damned if I was going to miss out on that… so I sucked it up & we packed up with enough food & utilities to basically move to the forest for a month… and celebrated a two-day weekend at Lake Francis Resort in Dobbins, California!
The weather… was pretty warm… as was expected this time of year. Luckily we didn’t catch much traffic on the way up… but there were a few spots in the Central Valley, and that was unpleasant, especially already being pretty drained of electrolytes & such… but enough about that sh*t, we got there just in time for Hoppy Hour! Okay, a little background, this is the 18th NCHF but only our 2nd. The festival is a gathering of homebrew clubs from Northern California, and we all come up, set up booths to share our best & favorite homemade alcoholic beverages, camp out at a beautiful foothill resort complete with a lake (that I’ve never set foot in) and just enjoy ourselves & our fellow homebrewers. It’s pretty f**king fantastic! Hoppy Hour was a bit of a kickoff while people were making their ways up to the resort after getting off work early… and a few club shared their brews. Afterwards, we then had a nice little dinner with the 24 other members of the San Francisco Homebrewers Guild who made it out for the event…

Saturday was the big day with booths & drinking all day! The theme this year was Prohibition, so there were a lot of speakeasy themed booths & garb… but for our booth, we did something similar to our NHC booth were it was prison themed (Alco-traz?) and we did pretty good (after cutting off all of our sleeves) but here are some pictures of booths found at big event…


Saturday night, we had a wonderful meal of pulled pork and played board games and drank beer all night… well, until about 10 PM when we just couldn’t take anymore… but then we slept like babes in a tent… and then we woke up the next morning, helped pack up the booth, and then headed home. Fantastic times!!! Can’t wait to go again next year!!!
Anyway, I know that’s kind of a brief summary of the festival, but hopefully the pictures speak thousands of words… and feel free to check out last year’s event as well. Lots of great stuff coming up the next few weeks with the start of Oktoberfestivities!!! Have a great week everybody!!!

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