Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lasers & Cars

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
I’m not sure if you’ve been checking out the news lately… but it’s been kind of the perfect rave storm here in San Francisco the past few days with the Supreme Court deciding that same-sex marriage shall be recognized in all 50 states (and I’m assuming Guam, Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands as well) and it corresponded perfectly with same-sex Pride Week. It’s a same-sex cyclone of celebration! The streets are literally flowing with rainbow-colored vomit & décor! It’s pretty fantastic… so how did we celebrate the weekend, you ask? Oh, you didn’t? Well… it’s slightly less colorful than you might expect… but only slightly.
Saturday, I went to do something that I haven’t done in YEARS!!! I went to play some Laser Tag at Q-Zar in Concord with Izzy & J-Mo… and some of J-Mo’s buddies who live out there. If you haven’t played Laser Tag with energetic bodybuilders & a gaggle of pre-teens… then you simply haven’t lived… and you should do it… like yesterday. Basically for $30 per person, you get up to five hours of fantastic real-life Halo going against your peers… and in between, you have 20 tokens to play arcade games & earn tickets towards outstanding prices… and then get right back into combat when the Pop-A-Shot machine screws you out of half your game because the flat balls get stuck or it closes up just to f**k with you and you scream things like “GET SOME, YOU DEFLATED BALLS!!!” to an eleven-year old while the sixteen-year old referee says “No foul language” and you reply, “Kumquat! Listerine! Moist! Go get your shinebox & get outta my shot!!!” and you simulate blasting him a few times. Okay, it wasn’t quite that intense… but yeah, a LOT of fun… and we were all pretty f**king sweaty afterwards. Great workout & great fun… go check it out.
Sunday morning, Izzy & I met up with her aunts and we went to the Pinole Car Show near Pinole Creek. This is an event where gearheads and all of their restore collector cars can go on display & they sit for hours telling perfect strangers about their vehicles… and it’s not weird at all. It’s just people with mutual interests discussing their hobbies… and it’s typically good people (as long as they haven’t been hitting the mimosas since 6 AM in the sweltering heat). Here are some of the beautiful cars that were lining the streets & Pinole Creek Park…

Aside from that, it was a pretty chill weekend… we did do a little walk along the bay...

We pretty much had the apartment to ourselves (roommates out partying & spending time with their family) and basically just getting ready for Mom’s visit starting Tuesday for a week. What’s on the agenda? A literal sh*t ton. You’ll see. Who’s all coming? Well… my mom first off… and then HER mom, my grandma… making her first trip to San Francisco in her 75+ years but with a shiny new hip… and of course, the niece & nephew are coming to see their favorite Uncle $teve. Ugh… so excited to see all four of these awesome people in my life!!! Have a great week everybody!!!

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