Monday, April 27, 2015

Stevetoberfest 2015

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
We’re well into my birthweek… which is like a birthday… but I’m greedy. I’m just going to say that it started Friday when my coworkers decorated my office in dinosaur attire… well, a few balloons, dinosaurs & Reese’s peanut butter cups…

Saturday was the 2nd annual Steve-toberfest celebration!!! We invited friends and family to come hang out for a few hours, eat some delicious food, drink some delicious beer & just have a good time in the Presidio on a beautiful Saturday. We had about ten people actually show… and the food was quite eclectic. In the German theme, we had pretzels with beer cheese dipping sauce, kartoffelsalat (potato salad), but we also had Taco Bell tacos, brownies, Scotch eggs, chocolate covered strawberries, hummus, goat cheese, baby carrots, and other leftover baked goods from the previous week. Here are some pictures…


As far as beer on tap… we had our Strawberry Hefeweizen, Milk Stout, our Torpedo Clone, our Hoppy Red Ale, and of course… the incredibly dangerous… Steve’s Birthday Cake!!! That is our barrel aged imperial stout… and boy, it’s amazing. Big Ben also brought some Anchor Steam clone & single malt-single hop Golden Ale with hops from his backyard (he’s been growing them for a decade) and all was right with the world.
So the real question… “How many boots of beer did you have, $teve?” The answer is four… plus a few others… but yeah, I was pretty sleep shortly after everybody left. Great party!
Sunday was my actual birthday… and let me just tell you that my girlfriend Izzy is absolutely amazing. She started off the day by giving me this wonderful drawing for a gift…
She also fried me up a leftover hangover breakfast and then we headed to her house… and she’s growing our hops… hopefully they will have useable hops this year… but I’m told they still take a few years… and our Chinook hops are a year old but the Galena just started…

For lunch, we then headed over to Fieldwork Brewing in Berkeley, which Big Ben & his wife had been RAVING about for the past month or so… and oddly enough, they were having a beer & donut pairing special on my birthday. Fatidic? Perhaps. The brewery takes a more… I don’t know… homegrown, agricultural look at how beer is made & keeps it very simple. The atmosphere of the brewery… is basically just like the inside of a wood & tin field storage area where you might park your trailer or something… but instead there are a few 10-20 barrel systems in the back… and their décor is a lot of standard shelves with bottled samples of hops & grains, simple logos, etc. just more of a beer focus it seems. Now as for the beer, it’s also pretty good & simple. They had farmhouse ales, breakfast stouts, just good all day drinking kind of beer… except Eliza, their chicory imperial stout… that was pretty strong. The Biere de garde was no joke either… but yeah, I highly recommend going to check it out. Oh… and the donuts from Doughnut Dolly were ok… but yeah, I still prefer All Star Donuts.

Anyway, that was my magnificent weekend… and more news on the way… with EPIC movie reviews & fun times with others… have a great week everybody!!! Happy birthday to MEEEEEE!!!

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