Sunday, February 22, 2015

Erdbeer Hefeweizen Machen

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Last week, Izzy & I watched a movie recommend by Filly called “Horns” starring Daniel Radcliffe (yes, “Harry Potter”) and a decent ensemble cast including David Morse, James Remar, Kathleen Quinlan, Heather Graham & Juno Temple. Basically the movie is about a young man named Ig Perrish (Radcliffe… and seriously, who the f**k names their child Ig? Even if short for Ignacious? Iggy? Whatever…) whose girlfriend has died brutally & mysteriously… and he’s the chief suspect… but is found Not Guilty. Shortly after, he starts… growing these goat-like HORNS out of his forehead… and starts to get some superhuman powers… so he starts to look into who REALLY killed his girlfriend… but he may not like what he finds out. Have you ever wanted to see a foul-mouthed alcoholic Harry Potter? Well, this is the movie for you. I’m going to warn you… it’s rated R… and deals with some pretty delicate subject matter like murder & rape among the top ones… but I highly recommend this movie. There are some parts of the movie that slip into the “indie” moments & drag on, or the pacing is just off, or there are just some “what the f**k? Nobody would ever do that” moments… but overall, director Alexandre Aja (“The Hills Have Eyes” remake, “Mirrors” & “Piranha 3D”) keeps you guessing & does a really good job of building tension & dealing with perceptions of the characters and stuff so… you genuinely feel intrigued in the story. It’s a tough thing to do on a fairly low budget horror flick when most nowadays are just slasher gore porn… but yeah, I’d say check this movie out. It’s on Netflix. Foul-mouther alcoholic Harry Potter… I’ll say it again. David Morse is a badass character actor too… he should be in even MORE stuff.
Monday night, we watched an episode of “The Rockford Files” and saw that legendary actor Martin Kove was in this particular episode (Reese from the “Karate Kid” movies), and we looked through his IMDb page to see if he had ever been in a romantic comedy… as many people have done, I’m sure. You know, like I asked about Michael Biehn back in the early, early days of this blog. Answer: Not really… from what I can tell… but he’s been in nearly 200 movies and TV shows… though the last you’ve probably seen is 1994’s “Wyatt Earp” and even then it’s kind of a bit role. Seriously… check it out… what can I say? I like character actors… and Sven Ole Thorsen is still a titan among them in my opinion…
However, we then read about a movie that he WAS in… from 1977 called “White Buffalo” that stars Charles Bronson and… well, here’s the IMDb description of the movie:
“In this strange western version of JAWS, Wild Bill Hickok hunts a white buffalo he has seen in a dream. Hickok moves through a variety of uniquely authentic western locations - dim, filthy, makeshift taverns; freezing, slaughterhouse-like frontier towns and beautifully desolate high country - before improbably teaming up with a young Indian named Crazy Horse to pursue the creature.”
Now, along with this amazing poster, do you see why we HAD to watch it? I thought so… and yes… Wild Bill Hickok is played by the great Charles Bronson… then 56 years old… and yes, the real Wild Bill died at the age of 39… so it’s basically like having John Wayne play Genghis Khan… but that would never hap… oh yeah. Aside from that, there’s a decent cast featuring 44-year old Will Sampson (“Poltergeist”) as the “young Indian named Crazy Horse”, Jack Warden, Slim Pickens & even a 44-year old Kim Novak (“Vertigo”) as the love interest. Also, let’s not forget the titular character of the movie… the ferocious White Buffalo!!! Though being in 1977… it’s basically what kinda looks like a Muppet reject with a built in fog machine… but still, I highly recommend that you check out this movie. It’s just so… weird. Yes, the plot is a little thrown-together like a LOT of movies that were trying to be JAWS during the time… and the special effects are almost hilarious in this day & age… but yeah, it’s still good fun… the acting isn’t horrible… and there are even a few random enjoyable scenes like Wild Bill awaking from his dream and yet again unloading his six-shooters, then Kim Novak throws him out of her house… but to him, it’s like this is a normal thing. If you know you’re prone to fits of blasting off hot lead while sleepwalking… then I suggest you keep your guns out of your holster, away from you pillow, or basically on the same side of the rooms as you. That’s just common sense. Anyway, check it out… if you can find it. Oh… and Martin Kove has a small part in it… but yeah, that’s how we got around to this movie.
Wednesday morning, Izzy & I helped out for a few hours at Elevation 66 Brewery… but there were five other people there working… and we had school / work so we only stayed from about 5 AM to 7 AM… still fun though. Big Ben shared some of his brews & we shared SF Beer Week stories. Good times.
Friday night, Izzy & I went to Slim’s to see a rockin’ all-female cover band double feature of Zepparella (Led Zeppelin) and Hell’s Belles (AC/DC)… and it was pretty f**king amazing... always a great show... and I could just live my life with the riff from "Talkin' About Love" playing on constant repeat personally... but yeah, check them out if they come to your town... period... pictures...

Saturday, Izzy & I started up a Hefeweizen where we intend to add a bunch of strawberries in secondary... so here are some pictures of our... well, in German, it's an Erdbeer Hefeweizen...

We also transferred our Torpedo Clone that we started two weeks ago... lots of trube in this one...

We've also been eating a lot healthier... so we've been doing green smoothies this past week... and some delicious chipotle burgers that Izzy made... she's so amazing...

More to come this week, have a great weekend everybody!!!

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