Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Weekend 2014

Thursday night & Friday morning at work, we (mostly my coworker Sopastar) made a pumpkin for a pumpkin decorating contest between departments... and here are just some of the amazing examples... you're welcome...

Friday night was our first Halloween Party of the weekend… and Izzy & I were providing two 5-gallon kegs of some of our finest beer to date… the Pumpkin Chocolate Porter & the Pumpkin Pie Ale 2.0. Basically we were traveling with about 80 pints of premium homebrew and were ready to get some people f**king DRUNK!!!

Now for our costume… the last two years we were basically Waldeaux (the New Orleans version of Waldo) and Carmen Sandiego… but we decided to do something a little different this year… and we went as… obscure cartoon characters from a decade ago. Remember “Drawn Together”? Of course you do… it’s an incredible Comedy Central cartoon… well, Izzy went as Ling Ling, an Asian trading card battle monster… and I went as Spanky Ham, a crass internet download who farts on retards… Google it!!!

Saturday morning was our event for National Learn to Homebrew Day… and we actually had a pretty good turnout of about 12 people (pats self on back for guess the other day) and it was a mix of people who had done a handful of batches before & people just interested in the idea but didn't know much about it... so Izzy & I did a great job of answering questions, showing how easy it all can be (as we were hosting a fantastic party WHILE making beer) and everybody brought some great potluck items to share. Basically we made a quick pale ale extract recipe & transferred our imperial stout to secondary. Here are some pictures...

Save the date for next's year Learn to Homebrew Day on November 7th, 2015!!! Apparently it's the first Saturday of November annually... which just worked out pretty well this year with Halloween. After everybody left, J-Mo showed up for LTHD apparently forgetting that it was 11 AM, not 5:30 PM... but we caught up and shared crazy stories from the past few months... and apparently, there may be a pretty epic Disneyland trip coming up soon... but details on the way. Good seeing J-Mo though!
Saturday Night, we had Izzy’s friend Sid’s Party over in Sacramento… and brought our beer with us too... and it was a HUGE hit! I actually knew about a dozen people at this party this year thanks to seeing them at past parties & random events here & there... but yeah, good time. I know Izzy misses all of her homeys back in Sactown... so I'm perfectly fine with making small talk with random strangers while she mingles... or just sitting back & sipping beer... but yeah, some great peeps she has up there.

Anyway, so yeah, pretty crazy busy Halloween weekend... and I don't really have any pictures of me as Spanky Ham... but as soon as some pop up on the internet, I'll share them with you... in the meantime, here's a preview...
Happy Halloween everybody!!!

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