Thursday, October 9, 2014

E66 & Learn to Homebrew Day Coming!!!

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Tuesday night was the last day of softball… and we won… by forfeit… so because of our 5-3 record this year, we had to hope that another team lost to get into the championship… but they ended up crushing their opponent pretty badly. So yeah, no championship this year… but at least that meant that we got to see the Giants as they move on to the NLCS and have beer & pizza on a Tuesday night at Park 77 Bar. Great time with the teammates /coworkers!

Wednesday morning, Izzy & I went to Elevation 66 Brewing to help Big Ben with a batch of their Ramble Tamble Red (my favorite) and also met a new brewer helping them out… and another guy who was recommended by Super Dave to stop by & see how the magic is made. Between the five of us it was pretty short work… and this was my first time helping out in a few months but I got to help with the mash, so that’s awesome. We also helped explain the process to the newbie to brewing about the process of beermaking… and ended up inviting him to a fun little event that we’re hosting in a few weeks…
Learn to Homebrew Day - November 1st
Apparently LTHD is an annual event that the American Homebrewers Association supports (for obvious reasons) but we’ve decided that the day after Halloween (and the party where we’re providing beer), we’re going to host a little get-together at my apartment and show friends & family how the homebrew magic is done. Basically at 11 AM, we’ll start making a fairly simple malt extract recipe Pale Ale, but while the water is heating up we’ll go over the process, show off some of the equipment that we use, let ‘em stir & stuff like that if they wanna get hands-on with their learning, see, feel, smell, taste all that craziness… you know… basically everything that you see on this blog… but in REAL LIFE!!!
In lieu of a bacon-riddled menu, we’re just going to do a potluck, since our kitchen will be turned into a brewhouse… and since that’ll only be for a few hours, we’ll also have plenty of games available or maybe do a mini-movie marathon or something later in the day… but yeah, it should be a LOT of fun pending everybody doesn’t have major hangovers from Halloween on that Friday. Oh well, we shall see… and we were going to brew anyway. Come on out!
Also, Gretchen turned 90,000 miles last night...
Anyway, that should do it for this week… we’re now officially in the heart of pumpkin beer season so I’d better get out there & try some more. Have a great day everybody!!!

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