Monday, September 22, 2014

Northern California Homebrewers Festival 2014

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
This past weekend was the Northern California Homebrewers Festival at Lake Francisc in Dobbins, California north of Sacramento. The event really started Friday night but Izzy & I got out there early Saturday morning for the BIG day!!! Hundreds of homebrewers and their respective clubs came out to represent & share their wonderful beer creations with the rest, there were raffles, prizes, competitions, and even a somewhat unspoken competition about which club had the best beer overall (which I think we won, but then again, I’m biased). Here are some pictures of the beautiful venue & some of the incredible areas designed by fellow homebrewers…


As the night fell, most of the clubs kinda folded in… but with our combination of fantastic beer & great décor, we were a VERY popular spot for people to chill out& enjoy themselves. After a few laps during the day to the other tents, I spent most of the afternoon & evening behind the bar serving up drinks… and it was a LOT of fun helping the club out, especially since most of the planning for the event happened when we were in Utah & setting up Friday night… but overall, an absolutely tremendous event & I honestly can’t wait until next year’s. I highly recommend it to anybody who may be interested in spending a wonderful camping trip at a homebrew festival. If you’re interested in joining the rockinest guild of Homebrewers in the Bay Area, drop me a line.
Also, a big congratulations to Izzy on winning the Logo Competition and designing next year’s logo that will be on all of the T-Shirts, announcements & other merchandise associated with this great event. Heck, we almost HAVE to go next year now. Congratulations beautiful!!!
That’ll pretty much do it for this entry. The festival was an amazing success, everybody had fun, nobody got hurt, can’t really ask for a better group of people to hang with for a weekend. See y’all next year at NCHF!!! Have a great day everybody!!!

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