Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Pale Ale & Transferring Honey Amber

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Wow... just finished watching "Rocky III" again with Izzy and... you know I don't like to repeat myself (though I seem to a LOT on certain things) but... WHY IS CLUBBER LANG NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN IN THE ROCKY FRANCHISE??? I would much rather watch Mr. T take on Sylvester Stallone... then say... I don't know... just pulling a few names at random like... Jean Claude Van Damme ("Expendables 2"), Robert DeNiro ("Grudge Match"), Antonio Tarver ("Rocky Balboa") or Burmese soldiers ("Rambo") that I've seen in the past few years... though there was some recent ridiculous matchups with the awesome likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin ("Expendables") & Jason Momoa ("Bullet to the Head") that were pretty brief... but yeah, maybe I'm getting a little off topic... that's my opinion... and everybody should agree with me... because Mr. T as Clubber Lang in "Rocky III" is... basically my perfect personification of a boxer. HE runs his own stuff... no manager, no hype man beside himself, he has a trainer but... I mean he really is just there for Clubber to say "Shut up foo' I'm gon kill'em!!!" Anyway, check it out again...

Saturday morning, we started our Pale Ale for the family reunion... and it was an incredibly easy malt extract recipe... basically just adding a few pounds of liquid extract into boiling water, add some hops during the boil... and then we add yeast & ferment... not a whole lot going on with this one... but yeah, good stuff allegedly via the internet. Here are some pictures...

We also transferred our Honey Amber to secondary fermentation...

Other than that, softball starts on Tuesday, more homebrew stuff this weekend, yeah, only a few weeks until the big reunion... more to come as we get closer... Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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