Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week Back from Alaska

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

YES!!! I have returned from Alaska successfully... and it was f**king amazing!!! However, there's a lot to talk about & even more amazing pictures to show... so that'll be for another post when/if I have time. Until that happens (mostly because work is f**king crazy) here's a little recap of the week since I returned.

Well, before that even... before we left, we transferred some Torpedo Clone... behold...

Wednesday through Friday, I worked furiously... and my coworkers were glad to have me back...

Saturday, Izzy & I went to the San Mateo County Fair... mostly because we got free tickets & parking for entering the Homebrew Competition... and Izzy loves the animals being a farm girl at heart... and let's face it, you know what's there & either you're in or you're not. It's good to see some of the art that's up there... and there's carnival games... it's a county fair.

Big Surprise!!! Izzy won 3rd place in the Homebrew Label Competition... and we didn't know until we saw her design in the display case. Sure, I came up with the concept & rough sketch... but her skills made it a reality. Congratulations beautiful!!!

Sunday was Izzy's birthday... number 29 of course. No, for real... it's her 29th, not like all you faking ladies out there. To celebrate, her sister, best friend & their respective men came down to have some fun. We all met up (a few hours late shockingly) and had lunch at Café Avellino, then drove down to Pacifica to spent some time at the beach...

After that, her sister bailed... but the rest of us went to Rogue Ales Public House so that Izzy could get her free T-shirt & birthday beer. Well... shockingly, they no longer do the free T-shirts (gasp!!!) which was lame... but then again, the birthday beer was a liter mug of some of their fine brew... so you take what you can get for free. We had a great time... and unfortunately watched the Heat eek out a victory in Game 2 of the Finals (Spurs in five) but it was great to hang with Izzy's friends & make her birthday fun... and let's face it, I took her to Alaska so their gifts aren't sh*t.

The past few days has been more work, catching up, doing all that... so yeah, hopefully in the next few days I can get to telling you about trip to Alaska... but until then, have a great day everybody!!!

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