Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner Tasting

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Thanksgiving Dinner marked our first official Public Tasting of our homebrews… and it went pretty well. Of course we were surrounded by loved ones, great friends, family & just good ol’ peeps… but there was also great food… and even BETTER beer. Dinner this year was hosted by Dizzy’s Aunts and they typically have plenty of Sierra Nevada and New Belgium brews at their events… so they’re a bit of beer snobs like us. Of course, I use the term “beer snob” endearingly. They’re both some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, they just have great taste when it comes to the beer they drink.
Other guests at the dinner were primarily in their 60’s or older… with the exceptions of myself (32), Dizzy (28) & her cousin Amy (17) who obviously didn’t drink. Some were experienced beer drinkers, others were fairly novice, some haven’t had it for a few years due to various health concerns & intolerances, so it was a pretty intriguing group of guinea pigs for us to try out on. Anyway, that was the test group… but here are the real key players… THE BEER!!!
I made some signage out of construction paper leading up to dinner… and I’m obviously not an art student or anything… but yeah, I like them. Hope that you enjoy too.
Brew: Irish Red Ale
Age: About 12 weeks (first batch ever)
Code Name: Raptor Red Ale
Brew: Pumpkin Ale
Age: About 11 weeks (also came with first kit)
Code Name: Proto Pumpkin Ale
Brew: Bavarian Hefeweizen
Age: About 8 weeks
Code Name: El Hefe (T-Rex, but several names being played with play on King or Tyrant)
Brew: Nut Brown Ale
Age: About 6 weeks
Code: Brown-tosaurus Ale
You can read through the past posts for our test tasting results… but apparently they were an overwhelming success. Some said that it was some of the best beer that they could remember tasting (insert Alzheimer’s jokes here) but even the particular critics said that they were great… especially the Red Ale & Pumpkin Ale (probably due to the aging involved settling the flavors a bit). Later in the week, my buddy The Wingman helped us with further tastings… and yeah, they’re pretty good. We could probably slap a label on them & sell now but… yeah, we’re not incorporated, paid all the fees to Big Gov’ment and jumped through all of the hoops… even after we pull a few hundred grand out of our backsides for large scale brewing supplies, bottling, etc. We’ve got a long ways… but we’re having fun as is right now… so we just need time to hone our craft… and of course convince others that we’re worth taking a risk on… or just rob a few banks or something. That might be good startup capital.
We hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!!! Have a great day everybody!!!

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