Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review & Oktoberfest!!!

September 23, 2013

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Huzzah! I have a book review for you! I know it’s been quite a while since I reviewed a book… hmm… I think the last one might’ve been “Pimpology” a few years back… but in my newfound budding passion for learning about beer & homebrewing, I’ve read “How to Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Beer Right the First Time” by John J. Palmer. The book comes pretty standard with most first-time homebrew kits, either this of “The Joy of Homebrewing” which Dizzy is currently reading & I may have a review at a later date… but first batch first. “How to Brew” is a great resource for anybody looking to brew their own. The first few chapters go over the basic steps & preparations for the brewing process… and then the following chapters to more in-depth into the science & variations of each step. For example, the process will be something like:
1)       Boil the wort
2)       Add hops
3)       Chill wort
4)       Siphon in fermenter
5)       Add yeast
6)       Let ferment for a few weeks
… and so on… but then the next chapter will explain why you boil the wort, then what temperature to add the ingredients & why that temperature and not higher or lower… and then the different kinds of things you add to the wort like the wheat, barley, hops, extracts, etc… and then why a quick chill is preferred & a few different methods… and then more in depth about the yeast used & why different beers have different instructions. Along the way it also explains a little bit of the history of beer & origins of certain recipes… and of course plenty of advise on how to start with a few simple batches… and then when you’re ready to step your game up and try preparing your own mash (ingredients)… and then how to vary the recipe to meet your liking or get a desired effect. I found it REALLY interesting & can’t wait to test my own product from reading this first book. I understand that my first batch may not be excellent… but it’s pretty simple & once I know that I can get the process down, then it’s time to really experiment. As you can probably guess, I’ll keep you posted about it… but yeah, it’s a great book for the subject. I highly recommend it.
Sunday, I met up with Bubbles & a special surprise visit from Jackie D flying in on business to go to Oktoberfest by the Bay at Pier 48 (over by AT&T Park where I’ve helped with a few charity events before). Yes, OKTOBERFEST!!! Even though it was kinda mid-September… but still, there was a great oompah band playing… the beer was flowing pretty well… most were decked out in their lederhosen, spats & feathered caps like a German Players Ball… and yeah, great times with great people!

Afterwards, we headed over to 21st Amendment for some food & yet more beer… and we ran into Carmen (my former roommate from almost 3 years ago) who was actually working the event & she joined us briefly. Yay for surprise roommate cameos!!! The food was okay, beer was pretty good, but eventually it turned into Jackie D & myself going to Thirsty Bear for some more beers & catching up. Again, great times with great people… kinda wish Dizzy could’ve been there but we all have our responsibilities.
That’ll probably do it for tonight. More adventures on the way though… and this weekend, we battle our first batch & maybe even start yet another in our homebrew adventures. Have a great day everybody!!!

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